Welcome to your Virtual Chapter Assistant!!!

The Virtual Chapter Assistant (VCA) is here as your Chapter office in the sky. Access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does not need to be manned by an employee. There are no utilities to pay…. No leases on office space…. Some of our other values are:

One Location: VCA is designed to help your maintain your chapter records from one unified location in the cloud. This alleviates the age-old problem of having records in different locations depending on who is performing what position in the Chapter.

Accessibility: Since most Chapters are built from volunteers, they usually have other jobs and or responsibilities that don’t always allow you to access your Chapter files during normal business hours. Your VCA will be accessible to you 24/7. Log in late at night, early in the am, when you have time to search for files, input items, etc….

Continuity: Continuity of your data is so important. Once you load permanent documents, they will be available for future officers to come. There is no need to pass on a “box of documents” from Board to Board. Upon taking office they will be able to log in and pull the information needed to make decision through their time on the Board.

Security: All of your data is secure, password protected, backed up daily and kept on a 3rd party server where it can be accessed at any time. As your Officers or Board Members move on they VCA will reset the password so the data on VCA is only accessible by current Officers and Board Members.

Let’s get Started!!!