Auction Day

It’s Auction Day!! 

The Chapter has prepared very well with compiling the guests, table assignments, prepared packets for the guests, issued bidder numbers.  You have entered in all the items to be sold and or raffled off.  Now it is time to enter your sales, check out the bidders and recap the night with reporting to show your Chapter’s progress.


By utilizing the menu under Auction Day, you have the opportunity to make changes to the bidder file, and the auction items to be sold.  You can add new items on the fly to sell.  As you are navigating through our adventure please remember that all transactions are editable.  They can be deleted and or changed.  Please note as well that the report view are just “views”.  To print these reports you will need to “download data” to Excel and then you have the opportunity to print and or save to hard drive.

If you have any questions through the Auction Day process please remember to Click on on Help menu to review the instructions.